How To Find The Best Indian Caterers in Sydney


Looking to hire the best indian caterer for your wedding reception, corporate event, birthday, baby shower or upcoming celebration? Perhaps you aren’t sure how to select the best caterers for your event. Read on to find some awesome tips to help you make your choice.

Before we begin, note that Swagath Biryani House is the perfect catering choice for you no matter what size event you are planning. With over 20 years of catering experience in Sydney, for groups big and small, they offer outstanding service and value.

What is a caterer?

A caterer is a person or business that provides food for anyone, such as an event host or guests, at the guests’ chosen location. Depending on your needs, caterers may simply provide the food, but can also provide additional services such as serving staff, cutlery and crockery, decorations, and more, so you can focus on your guests and enjoy the event.

How to find the best Indian caterers in Sydney?

Here are some tips for finding a great caterer for your upcoming event…


One of the most important criteria to look for is experience in the type of event you are holding. A reputable caterer with years of experience is more likely to offer a more efficient, hassle-free and quality service.


Flexibility is so important – many caterers can’t accommodate things like special dietary requirements like gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and special kids meals. So when looking for a caterer, make sure they can handle all your special requests.

Clear Banquet Menus

When planning your menu, sometimes starting with a pre-defined banquet menu is the best approach. This makes organizing your special event super easy. From there, look for a caterer that will accommodate the changes you want so you get the perfect fit.

Additional Services

A great caterer can also provide additional services and items such as napkins, drink stations, decorations, flowers, tables and much more. They may also be able to provide waitstaff and servers.

Friendly and Professional

A good caterer will show enthusiasm when meeting with their clients. They should have empathy towards everyone involved and ensure what they do will fit perfectly with all the other things happening at the event. Catering services for community events, professional luncheons, festivals, and Indian weddings are all different and a caterers approach needs to match the clients’ expectations.

Catering Certificates

One of the essential factors to consider while selecting Indian caterers for your event is their certificate from relevant authorities confirming that they have a valid license to practice as a food service establishment and meet specific health standards set by state or federal statutes.

Enquire Online, Then Meet In Person

The first step in selecting your caterer is to enquire online or phone them. If, after this initial conversation, you would like to know more, we suggest arranging a time to meet in person or at least via a Zoom call. If meeting in person you should be able to sample some of the food they offer along with their style of service.

Experienced caterers will also ensure proper menu planning, adopt best food handling and transportation practices as well as accommodate any special food or nutritional requirements.

Why choose an Indian catering company for your event?

To find the best Indian catering company for your event, you need to understand what makes them different from their competitors. Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose Indian catering companies for your event:

1) Catering services

They often provide not just food preparation but associated services like plating, provision of staff, table service, room decorating, and much more. And since they will have had many years of experience doing this, your event will be all the better for it.

2) Management

To ensure that guests have a variety of options for how they eat their meal so there won’t be any complaints or misunderstandings.

3) They can cater for large groups

Indian caterers can cater for large groups, sometimes up to 1000 guests. In fact, they are experts in large group catering.

4) High-quality Indian food

Good Indian catering services ensure that their food is fresh, always kept safe and is served in a safe way to guests.

5) Wedding planners available

Indian caterers are often well versed in wedding planning. Wedding planning assistance is a vital ingredient to a successful event. If they don’t have this experience or offer this service, they will be able to refer you to one.

6) Great value

Indian caterers are experts in customising your catering menu to fit your budget, which allows you to accurately plan your event and its’ associated costs.

7) Loyalty Driven Culture

Many people would agree that Food is a major part of Indian culture. And this Indian caterers passionate about their businesses and how they are seen within their local Indian community. Nothing gives them more joy than being complimented for an event they have helped make successful, whether that’s in India or in Sydney or anywhere other Indian community around the world.

8) Indian Food is Delicious

Let’s face it – just about everyone loves a great Indian banquet! Indian cuisine is: delicious, Authentic and lends itself to sharing and celebration. Their flavour of food spice in curries is fantastic food. Therefore when they become entrepreneurs of this industry, many people are proud to call themselves professional chefs.

9) Indian Sweets

Don’t forget, Indian sweets are some of the most delicious sweets in the world. What better way to celebrate than to include an Indian sweet bar – your guests will love it!

10) They are great at corporate events

Indian cuisine and catering are perfectly suited to corporate events of all kinds. From luncheons to all day events to themed corporate party events that celebrate right into the night.

Which type of food should you order from an Indian catering company?

Whichever food you’ve never tried before is most likely delicious! Do you go for South Indian or North Indian, Punjabi, Gujarati or Goan? Do you want a banquet format or something else? The variety of Indian food is matched only by the vastness of the Indian continent itself, so select an Indian caterer that specialises in the type of Indian food you want.

Swagath Biryani House specialises in a variety of Indian cuisine and can be contacted via their website here: Swagath Catering. You can hire them in Sydney for your next event whether its’ a birthday party, wedding, anniversary, corporate event or any other special event.

How much does it cost to hire an Indian catering company for your event?

Obviously, different Indian food catering companies charge different prices and the price is also dependant on the type of event, where the event is being held, the number of guests and other factors like what additional services you wish to hire. The cost also varies based on the menu selections you make during the menu planning stages.

For Swagath Biryani House, their Indian food banquet menus range in price from $20 per person up to $28 per person. You can view the banquet menus here. The menus are fully customisable so you can rest assured you’ll get exactly what you want for you and your guests. If you are looking for additional catering services on top of this then this can be discussed in more detail either by phone or in person.

Where to hold your special event

Most Indian caterers will bring their authentic Indian cuisine to the location you have chosen. Many popular venues include: your own home; your local hall; an outside location; a function centre or a club or sports venue. So it’s really up to you to decide where exactly you want to hold your event.

Well, this one’s a bit too subjective. But considering its south Indian cuisine dining hall is well-known for serving the most authentic and traditional dishes in Sydney CBD, you can expect their food quality to have proved so far warm welcome to visitors hailing from all over the world! Recommended 5 Star Small Group Catering Area.

How do you book a caterer for your event?

The best way to enquire about Indian catering services is to enquire via their website or phone them directly. After initial contact, the caterer will arrange a face to face or zoom meeting to discuss your requirements in detail. for larger events, you may be invited in for a food tasting session so you can sample the food before you commit to the caterer.

Speak to one of our friendly function coordinators at Swagath Biryani House for all the details of our catering service. We are always excited to take you through the process of organising your catering service and making sure your special event is a memorable one for all the right reasons. Rest assured – you will only be getting the authentic taste of real Indian food prepared and cooked by our expert Indian chefs.

India provides a diverse array of cuisines, from Chinese, Italian to Moroccan cuisine. In terms of drinks & beverages Indian caterer, Sydney also offers cocktails made with lychee fruit and exotic chai latte creations in addition to the traditional beverages like a cold beer or delicious wine.

Despite having several different cuisines, Indian cuisine emulates strength and hospitality that is prized in all types of cultures. North Indian food catering serves as a staple for thousands worldwide because it brings an ancient culture of legends like poetry and dramatic stories.

In Summary

India provides some of the great culinary experiences so opting for an Indian catering experience is a great option – your guests will thank you for it! From a bespoke menu, stunning vegetarian and non vegetarian food, from finger food to a full sit down dining experience, Indian food catering from an established Indian restaurant is a great way to celebrate your special event.

There are many options when it comes to hiring a caterer for your event. When you are looking for the best catering company, it is important to check if they have experience in event management and catering. This will help you in making a decision. An Indian caterer that ticks these boxes is the perfect choice for you if you want to have a memorable event.

To make a catering enquiry with Swagath see our and catering page here.

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